ensemble dialogue

ensemble dialogue

“ensemble dialogue” is a coalition of classical musicians who play traditional Swiss folk music instruments and/or have a background in improvisation. The ensemble developed from the collaboration in the musical theater production “Aunt Hänsi – Tales of the Hereafter” by Mela Meierhans, in which contemporary music and yodeling meet in respectful manner. Ensemble dialogue and the yodeling club Wiesenberg first performed this first part of the Hereafter Trilogy at Gare du Nord, Bahnhof für Neue Musik in Basle. The production was then invited to Mexico, Berlin and Sierre. Ever since, the ensemble dialogue re-unites, depending on the project, in changing constellations and with extended cast. The second and third part of the trilogy (planned for 2009 and 2011) will deal with death rituals in the two other monotheist religions, Islam and Judaism, and ensemble dialogue will once more seek an encounter between contemporary music and the respective cultural sphere’s folk music. '

Verein dialogue

“Verein Dialogue” was founded on October 31st, 2007. Its board consists of Mela Meierhans (artistic management), Annemarie Fränkl Knab (project management) and Diane Eaton (musician/ horn). Among other things, the association is in charge of finances, since smaller as well as bigger projects could not be realized if funding were not provided by the public sector, by foundations, sponsors and patrons.

Members of ensemble dialogue

Composition/Artistic management

Mela Meierhans

ensemble dialogue

Diane Eaton (Horn/Alphorn)
Claudia Eigenmann (Violoncello)
Charlotte Frisch (Tanz)
Heinrich Gut (Örgeli)
Meinrad Haller (Klarinetten)
Leslie Leon (Stimme)
Jürg Luchsinger (Akkordeon)
Magda Vogel (Stimme)
Cristin Wildbolz (Kontrabass)

Project management

Annemarie Fränkl Knab